The environment and our future on this planet are very important to us. That's why we are always looking for solutions or cooperations to make our company more sustainable. Read below what we are already doing to achieve this. 

Environmentally friendly solar power

We produce our own electricity for our production with a 149 KW photovoltaic system.

We are green

Green steel for a better future

We always try to make our production cleaner and more sustainable. We produce the electricity for our plants ourselves. To perfect this even further, we are planning a storage system. In addition, with a storage system we can switch to electric forklifts, which can then also be charged at any time using our solar power. We also want to make better use of our other resources and have thought of ways to use them more than once (see "One-time pallets").

With all these measures, we try to make our steel sheet blanks that reach our customers more sustainable so that the environment is protected. 

In combination with this, we have the possibility to offer you almost completely C02 neutral steel through our suppliers. Including certificate. If you are interested or need further information, please contact us. We will then take care of everything else. 

We recycle

One-time pallet my ass

Since every steel sheet cut is different, we build each of our pallets ourselves. The finished packages are then brought to our customers. Normally, the pallets would no longer be needed here and the wood would be thrown away. We have started a project where we collect the pallets again and reuse them. 


Delivery to the customer.


Collection of the wooden pallets and the packing tape.


Reuse of the wooden pallets and recycling of the packaging tape.


Steel sheet blanks are delivered on a pallet


After the customer has used the packages, collection of the leftover pallets


Reuse of the wooden pallets

VB Stahl | Geschäftsführung: Bernhard Vahldieck

Bernhard Vahldieck

If you have any questions, suggestions or project ideas, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to any exchange on the topic of sustainability. 

Tel.: 05066-702515

Your contact for sustainability projects

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